Infectious Disease Ecology Across Scales Graduate Program

uga_prep_moore_lab_014_cropIDEAS is a novel area of emphasis in the program leading to a PhD in Ecology. IDEAS integrates various biological disciplines related to infectious disease, quantitative training, and media communication. This interdisciplinary approach allows students to grasp the interconnection inherent to the different scales of biological organization as they are relevant to the evolution, transmission, and pathology of infectious diseases.

IDEAS PhD curriculum comprises four essential objectives for scientific research.

  • A strong conceptual foundation in infectious disease biology that spans the sub-cellular to biosphere scales
  • Advanced technical and modeling skills that provide an analytical toolbox for moving fluidly across scales
  • Transferable skills fostered through diverse professional development opportunities and communications training
  • A global perspective on infectious disease issues

These learning objectives are achieved through a unique blend of interdisciplinary curricular elementsparticipation in professional development activities, and through independent and collaborative research.

For more information, please contact the IDEAS Program Coordinator.