Behavior and Infectious Disease Working Group

Created in March 2021, the Behavior and Infectious Disease Working Group studies various systems used by ecologists to discern behaviors and is led by Lewis Bartlett, Emlyn Resetarits, and Elizabeth Warburton. This working group focuses on the behavioral traits of different hosts and their pathogens and examines how these traits can be assimilated into a framework that assesses the suitability of each host-pathogen system. The goal of this group is to identify a working system that is uniquely promising for investigating hypotheses directed toward host & pathogen interactions to predict the behaviors of infectious diseases.

Working Group Members:

Sonia Altizer

Kaylee Arnold

Lewis Bartlett, Co-Chair

James Byers

Kyle Dahlin

Grant Foster

Emlyn Resetarits, Co-Chair

Robbie Richards

Cecilia Sánchez

Alex Strauss

Elizabeth Warburton, Co-Chair

Cali Wilson

Michael Yabsley