Macroparasite Working Group

The Ecology & Evolution of Macroparasites Working Group (aka Macroparasite Working Group), focuses on how metazoan parasites evolve and are maintained in natural and modified ecosystems. Systems of interest include arthropod ectoparasites, gut helminths, and others. The Macroparasite Working Group is supporting the new Atlas of Macroparasite Abundance project, which […]

Behavior and Infectious Disease Working Group

Created in March 2021, the Behavior and Infectious Disease Working Group studies various systems used by ecologists to discern behaviors and is led by Lewis Bartlett, Emlyn Resetarits, and Elizabeth Warburton. This working group focuses on the behavioral traits of different hosts and their pathogens and examines how these traits […]

Disease Mapping Working Group

Established in October 2017, this working group aims to develop the Center’s collective expertise in mapping and spatial modeling of infectious diseases. These efforts include developing learning resources for other center members while working on collaborative mapping/modeling projects to provide hands-on experience to group members. We have developed tutorials for […]

Disease Forecasting Working Group

Established September 2017 The Disease Forecasting Working Group aims to advance our capacity to forecast infectious disease dynamics by developing next generation time series modeling methods, and by developing a forecasting framework to facilitate the efficient and effective forecasting of infectious diseases in real time. Next generation forecast models. The […]