Characteristics of the 100 largest modern zoonotic disease outbreaks

The majority of emerging human diseases are anticipated to occur from zoonotic events – Ebola hemorrhagic fever and salmonellosis are examples of infectious diseases that began when pathogens jumped from wild animals into humans. Most modern outbreaks are quickly brought under control and result in fewer than 100 cases. However, […]

Spillover of zoonotic pathogens: A review of reviews

The authors of this paper systematically reviewed a collection of 88 review papers from 10 disciplines with four distinct goals in mind. They wanted to describe key elements in main spillover processes, identify disciplines that discuss spillover and compare their foci, identify shared interest across disciplines, and summarize gaps in […]

Effects of ectoparasite infestation during pregnancy on physiological stress and reproductive output in a rodent-flea system

Corresponding Author: Elizabeth Warburton, Summary by Ethan Hackmeyer Parasitism can impose significant fitness costs on host organisms, and it is thought that parasitism could possibly cause host reproductive failure, possibly through increased stress. A new study led by CEID member Elizabeth Warburton explores how parasites could affect maternal stress […]

Socio-demographic, not environmental, risk factors explain fine-scale spatial patterns of diarrhoeal disease in Ifanadiana, rural Madagascar

Corresponding Author: Michelle Evans Summary by Ethan Hackmeyer Despite being both preventable and treatable, diarrhoeal disease (DD) causes over 700,000 child deaths annually due to inadequate  water and sanitation infrastructure. These losses are  primarily concentrated in 15 low-income countries. Distribution of DD is highly influenced by environmental factors, such as […]

Light pollution drives increased risk of West Nile virus

Florida has experienced a relatively mild winter, which typically translates to more mosquitoes in the summer and more birds on which they can feast. If history repeats itself, it’s likely there will be an uptick in West Nile virus cases this year, especially in the outer fringes of the suburbs […]

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