Influenza in Ducks and Water: A Multi-scale Analysis Seminar

CEID Seminar

Research interests: modeling and analysis of infectious diseases on the individual and population level, with a focus on influenza, tuberculosis and norovirus
Dr. Andreas Handel

Andreas Handel, an Associate Professor of Epidemiology at the College of Public Health at the University of Georgia, gave a talk entitled, “Influenza in Ducks and Water: A Multi-scale Analysis Seminar”.

From the annoucement: “Increasing evidence suggests that environmental persistence is an important component for the transmission dynamics of avian influenza viruses (AIV) in aquatic birds. Dr. Handel will share his recent analysis related to environmental persistence of AIV. Additionally, multi-scale modeling and its role in bridging environmental and within-host scales to study potential virus fitness trade-offs between those scales will also be discussed.”

The seminar was held in the Odum School’s Seminar Room 17 from 12:00-1:30 on Wednesday, September 7th.