CEID Welcomes Tierney O’Sullivan, Staff Statistician

CEID is pleased to welcome Tierney O’Sullivan as our staff statistician.  Tierney is not new to the Odum School of Ecology, having earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Ecology in 2012. As an undergraduate, she conducted research in the Drake lab studying statistical indicators of critical slowing down in a laboratory experiment of Daphnia magna populations.  After graduating from UGA, Tierney was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to conduct a research project studying the breeding behavior of Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagle. After receiving an Honors degree for this study, Tierney worked on a variety of fire ecology research projects at the University of Tasmania. In addition to working as a research assistant, she also worked as a teaching assistant for an undergraduate course on statistical methods for biologists. In 2018, she completed a Masters of Applied Statistics from Colorado State University, and is looking forward to applying the quantitative skills she learned from this degree to assist students and faculty and further the mission of the CEID.

Tierney is experienced with survey data analysis, data cleaning, and programming in R and ArcGIS.  Tierney will assist with Center-driven research projects and working groups.  Her services are available to CEID members and affiliates for work on specific projects, on a contractual basis.  If you have a project that could benefit from Tierney’s expertise, please contact Trippe Ross at tross312@uga.edu to schedule a consultation.