A Message from the Director

Over the last year, the Center for the Ecology of Infectious Diseases (CEID) reached a number of milestones worth celebrating. We opened our dedicated research facility adjacent to the Odum School of Ecology. CEID’s new home provides office and meeting space for members and visiting scientists, and has increased our capacity for collaborative research. We also launched the CEID Postdoctoral Scholars program. We’re especially excited about this program, which welcomed three exceptionally talented and promising young scientists in Summer 2019. At CEID, these newly minted PhDs will dedicate themselves to research and training in preparation to launch labs of their own. We’re thrilled that they are our inaugural cohort.

Throughout these developments, our faculty and working groups continue to lead outstanding research. Dr. Pej Rohani’s work on pertussis provides decision makers powerful tools as they improve vaccination to secure the health of millions of children around the world. Dr. Courtney Murdock’s work on Zika shed light on how environmental change will affect mosquito-borne diseases in a major way. Our disease forecasting working group is harnessing the power of machine learning and big data to predict where and when influenza outbreaks will be the most severe, providing public health officials information on how best to prepare and respond. These are just a few examples of the impactful studies led by CEID scientists. There are many, many others — CEID scientists published 102 papers in Fiscal Year 2018!

Our transformative research and training activities, led by one of the world’s largest concentrations of infectious disease experts, have made UGA the destination for infectious disease ecology. When infectious diseases present new questions, CEID will be there to lead scientific inquiry and prepare students with the skills our scientific workforce so greatly needs. We thank our alumni, collaborators, families and friends for their support in this mission, and look forward to our continued success.


– John M. Drake, Director