CEID Welcomes John King, Project and Communications Manager

CEID is thrilled to welcome John King to as the Project & Communications Manager for our Coronavirus Working Group.  John will assist our working group by helping streamline processes, coordinating communications and media requests, and helping with the strategic direction of the group.

Having worked in the roles of sales, sales management, product development, marketing, and consultation within the North American food packaging industry for over 20 years, John has managed and led projects with food brand owners across Canada and the United States. He has lectured about food packaging to industry and academia, and enjoys writing about the subject. John is the president of the Madison County Habitat for Humanity affiliate (www.mcghfh.org).

He lives with his family on a reclaimed farm near Colbert, GA that at one point had two dilapidated houses, hundreds of tires, numerous dumps, one still, and the remains of two rusty vehicles that continue to be encased by trees. Farming has helped him stay young. He has a B.S., Zoology from UGA.

John is looking forward to working with our members and external partners to advance our COVID-19 research and communicate our findings.  John can be reached through e-mail at john.king1@uga.edu or via phone at (678) 614-4785.