Coronavirus Tracker Updated to Visualize COVID-19 Cases and Deaths at the County Level

The CEID Coronavirus Working Group has been providing a visualization tool that shows COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths, as well as tests, for US states and countries. This tool has been updated and now also reports cases and deaths at the county level for each US state. The tool allows users to investigate the data in different ways. For instance, through June 7, by exploring cases per 100K, the data show that Dougherty County, GA (Albany, GA), with a population of ≈ 94,000, reported 169 total deaths per 100K. Bigger counties, such as  Fulton (≈ 1 million residents), Gwinnett (≈ 920,000 residents), Cobb (≈ 755,000 residents), and Dekalb (≈ 753,000 residents), which are part of metropolitan Atlanta, report similar total deaths but lower numbers per 100K (Fulton – 23; Gwinnett – 14; Cobb – 25; Dekalb – 16).

This updated visualization tool will help public health professionals and the general public understand how the SARS-CoV-2 virus continues to spread.  You are invited to explore the Coronavirus Tracker.  If you have questions, please Contact Us.