COVID-19 Portal Shows Cases & Deaths Continue to Increase Nationwide

The Coronavirus Working Group continues to publish timely information about the COVID-19 pandemic in Georgia and the United States.  Using the interactive visualization tools that are available on the COVID-19 Portal, data show that the number of confirmed cases, hospitalizations, and deaths continue to increase in Georgia and most other states.  For example, as of June 3,  there were 20 deaths/100K residents in Georgia.  However, by  July 21, the number of cumulative deaths increased to 30 deaths/100K residents, a 33% increase.  On June 3, there were 460 cumulative confirmed cases/100K residents.  In just seven weeks, by July 21, there were 1,403 confirmed cases/100K, a 67% increase.

We encourage you to explore the COVID-19 portal.  If you have questions, please contact us.