City sicker? A meta-analysis of wildlife health and urbanization

Summary by: Jessica Wenclawiak How has urbanization affected wildlife health? As cities become more common, this question has become increasingly relevant. Urban areas can interfere with a species’ range, food sources, and interactions, which impacts their health. A group of scientists that included CEID members Cecilia Sánchez and Daniel Becker […]

Impacts of Zika emergence in Latin America on endemic dengue transmission

Summary by: Culzean Kennedy Corresponding Authors: Rebecca Borchering and Derek Cummings Emerging infectious diseases can potentially disrupt the circulation of endemic pathogens in a host population through synergistic or competitive interactions. In South America, the emergence of the Zika virus corresponded to reductions in the incidence of endemic dengue virus. […]

Food web structure selects for parasite host range

Many parasites complete their life cycle by first developing in an intermediate host, then reproducing in a definitive host, relying on predation of intermediate hosts by definitive hosts. Consequently, these parasites are embedded in food webs. The structure of these food webs creates a selective force; if definitive hosts are […]

The statistics of epidemic transitions

The prevalence of a pathogen emerging in a population varies in a complex manner that is difficult to model and predict, due in part to randomness in the system. In a new paper in PLOS Computation Biology, we show that if the random component is relatively small, the underlying dynamics […]

Leukocyte profiles reflect geographic range limits in a widespread Neotropical bat

Corresponding Author: Daniel Becker, Why are some wildlife populations more or less susceptible or tolerant to infectious disease? Answering this question requires more broadly understanding how environmental variation shapes animal immune defense, but this is limited by the rarity of studies that apply a macroecological perspective to wildlife immunology and […]

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